After months of development and testing, the Transponder system is now available to all players to try on Primary server!

Transponders let you build & defend a base from an invading horde of monsters (and other players).  You’ll receive gold & EXP for participating in a match, and an even larger amount if you win the match.

To get started, build a base layout in your pocket that protects the transponder.  Note mobs WILL destroy blocks when the transponder is activated!  More advanced construction blocks will have higher defensive HP, so plan accordingly.  The attacking force scales to your character’s level, so it should be a challenge regardless of if you’re a new player or an old one.

Once you’re happy with your pocket fortress, use the Transponder to summon an invading force.  If you want to fight against another player, you can ask them to use the new CombatPad in root at the same time.

At the end of the match, all participants will be given gold & exp based on how the match goes.  If you want to instantly rebuild any lost blocks, type /restorelist



  1. Transponder matches with multiple enemy players are unbalanced, maybe enemy players should be given blue sword or white sword depending on level of defender.

    Also, plat items should be returned to inventory rather than destroyed entirely. I lost a pubpad and didn’t realise I could restore it until it was too late. I have no clue which round I lost that pubpad in >.>
    Is there any way that you can tell which match certain items were destroyed in specific towns?

    1. Balancing – are you talking about a level 1 player getting spawning into a level 5 match? In theory, it should send a bucket load of mobs and level 1 players against the level 5 player to compensate. Although in practice, I’ll admit level 1 players may not have the coordination to distract the level 5 player as a team.

      If you need to know which match ID a certain plat item was lost in, you can open a support ticket and I will look it up for you. (Eventually, I’d like to make a command that lists the items directly)

  2. I was more talking about lvl6 vs lvl6
    The only way to win vs same level enemy, is to have tonnes of marble blocks, and be by townstone for quick teleport. But even when you win, you likely lost more gold in blocks than you earn. Also, assuming defender and attacker alternate between killing eachother. Usually the travel time doesn’t effect the attacker so much, but the defender could lose their base and transponder in about 1 or 2 travels of the opponent.

    I really enjoy transponder matches, I just find it rather difficult to win a match, unless some noob joins.

  3. The transponders are great but I cant use them because I have a town and an arena in my two pocket universes, and I don’t have the plat to rebuild. I wish that the transponders costed plat themselves and gave infinite rebuilds or destroyed items returned to your inventory. Also because of this you have to build out of low cost bricks unless you have plat or you’re rich. So all in all great update, just needs some tweaking in my opinion.

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