Pocket Townstone! Also: /rewardblocks fix & Hardmutes

pocket townstoneToday’s update brings a number of new features:

The most exciting new feature is the Pocket Townstone.  It is a limited functionality townstone that can only be placed in your pocket universe.  It will not immediately increase the size of your pocket universe like a full townstone does.  However, it enables most townstone functionality such as the ability to let other players build in your pocket universe.  Just like normal townstones, please note you CANNOT move or delete this item after it has been placed!

You can upgrade a pocket townstone to a regular townstone for 10p (/townupgrade).  Doing so will cause your pocket universe to be expanded from 2×2 to 3×3.

Special thanks to setk and snakezxz for helping me test the new pocket townstone!

/rewardblocks command now shows which map the reward block is located on.

Hardmutes – a mod (or flood check) can use in situations where a user is heavily spamming / offensive to mute the player and prevent their text from being shown in IRC (reverts to a normal mute on next server reboot).



7 thoughts on “Pocket Townstone! Also: /rewardblocks fix & Hardmutes”

  1. Woo Hoo!! But I was wondering if you would be able to place the pocket universe townstone in another town. like my pocket universe town Manhattan. Also, I HELPEDBTEST IT TOO!!!! I will never be immortalized in either the trailer, or in the Recent posts tab on the server select. (If I get in either one, it will get me so much stuff, like popularity, which will help my Manhattan business.

  2. There is a difference between testing, and testing and reporting bugs/ making sure everything works, besides, before my testing, pocket townstones worked in the wilderness LOL

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