Boxtech is officially out on Primary Server, with not one, but SIX box types to choose from!  Containers have been one of the most popular suggestions over the past few years, so I’m very excited to finally have containers available.


  • Public Box – anyone can put items in or take items out
  • Owner Box – only you can put items in or take items out
  • Town Box – only town citizens can put items in or take items out (if not placed inside a town, will function as an owner box)

Each box type comes in a small and large size.  Small can handle 500 objects, while large can handle 1,000 objects.

You can carry boxes with you in your inventory, or even put boxes inside other boxes (because physics :P).  The box will only count as a single item towards your inventory or region limit.

While near a box, press E to use it.  When done, simply press escape to clear all open windows from your screen.

Special thanks to everyone who suggested the idea, and also to those who helped test it — including Value, Hermit, Snakezxz, Pyoro, Zooty, ToxicPenguin_, El Dromedario, Captain Fearless, alex82, and pixelplayer2.  Sorry if I missed anyone 🙂


25 thoughts on “Boxtech!”

  1. Why did the Boxtech have to be plat?!?! WHY!!!! Atleast make the public box gold, like with the doors.

    1. and pls make the public gold plz is public soo just make it public and the two box type are plst sure thats fare who agreed if some one agreed say “ME” just to make a point of it

  2. Really? ALL plat? Even such a simple feature? I know servers need money to run, but my god, even boxes anyone could steal from? They’ll need a lot of protection around them, as the radius of an ‘e’ press can penetrate like six blocks. Maybe 1000, so they’re not cheap, but gold! What’s the last time you added any new feature useful without a plat feature that costs gold?

    1. Yes servers need money to run, but Sim needs money to live, as well. At present he’s living on income from plat sales. Though I do agree there should at least be a version of the box that costs gold, though overpriced, otherwise no-one would buy the plat ones.

  3. To everyone saying that the public boxes should be gold, let me just put my 2 cents in here; If noobs are able to afford boxes, and use them as a nice handy storage device, you know what happens? GRIEFING! “this is why we can’t have nice things”

    1. “If noobs are able to afford boxes” 1) They should read the description and protect the box.
      2) Make it cost more? People seem to think that noobs can afford anything that’s gold, but they can’t.

  4. i completely agree with setk. also robbyz i helped with the testing 🙁 i was even in pyorololi’s town with u (but u were AFK xD)

  5. I too tested the boxes and you can see proof in /tele potato test or whatever the tele is. I saw you on madman.

  6. hey guys i will be gone for a week soo if your reading this guys plsdont take out my plot im just going for a week XD thisis a great place to say it beacues people keep looking at the blog for new stuff soo bye and tell sharpsorrow i be goneif sharp is not reading this could someone tell him thank you BYE guys see ya in a week

  7. Please make the Public Boxes Gold (Small= 1000g Big= 2000g) Owner Only (Small= 3000g) pls

  8. jea new tiles. 😉 we need still lot of different blocks to make this best game you should make lava or something nice 🙂 personally i like to get swamp tiles (those are slowly drowning and slowing).

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