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Assorted Updates

Fridge / Flowers Fix:  There was a bug where the Fridge & Flowers household goods items were poking out through ceilings.  If you pick them up and place them again, now they will correctly sort.

Draco Tutorial:  Draco gives new players 10 half-sized blocks now.  I suspect these will be a bit easier for new players to learn with than the full size blocks.

Shadow/outline tuning:  Picking up a block should correctly adjust the outlines of remaining blocks around it now.  Shadows on dirt should be more likely to show up.  Also, when moving the placement preview block, shadows will only be recalculated as needed.

TV Rename:  Modern TV is now officially called Platscreen TV in the shop.  Not sure who started calling it that, but you're a genius. :P

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  1. So I’m a genius? Yay.
    Also…time to see if my fridge looks right.

  2. I can’t use Tab to switch to password on the Log-in Screen anymore after this update…

  3. зачем тут сайт?

  4. i Don’t Know Play 8BitMMO Because Error

  5. I accedentally placed my town stone in my Root building thing (That teleporter room thing, where its just basically a building space that no one else can get to) And it says I cannot pick up a town stone…. Can someone help me with this?

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