Introducing CalcMMO!  The world’s first (and hopefully last) TI-83 Graphing Calculator themed massively multiplayer game!


Our Datacenter
Our Datacenter
  • Finally, learning math is fun!  Attack EVIL POLYNOMIAL FUNCTIONS with your KNOWLEDGE STICK.
  • Upgrade your graphs with POWERful new variables (MATH PUN! SEE YOU ARE ALREADY LEARNING!)
  • Experience the power and mystique of cutting edge calculator gameplay on your home personal computer.
  • Manually retype BASIC programs during homeroom since your Trig teacher resets all the calculators ever since Jake cheated on the midterm!
  • Become a Linear Function and hunger after delicious human meatflesh.
  • Amazing two color graphics!  Oh wait, that looks grayscale.  Is this actually TI-84 graphics?  Radical!  (ANOTHER MATH PUN!)
  • That was the last math pun.


Press Quotes:

‘I mathed three times, and by the third time, I lost most feeling to my left leg.’   -Jim
‘a^2 + b^2 = c^2’   – Pythagoras
‘This has no educational value whatsoever’   -Teachers Everywhere
‘I have no idea what is happening right now’   -All 8BitMMO Players

calc-linearfunction calc-quest calc-quest1 calc-town calc-town2

You can play CalcMMO today on

We also updated our Steam page for this event – you can see a saved copy of it here.

CalcMMO has no association with and is not endorsed by Texas Instruments.  This is a joke.  TI please don’t bomb us.
Special thanks to our crack team of MIT engineer for the datacenter photo!


8 thoughts on “CalcMMO”

  1. I tried out the game for the FIRST TIME and thank god the calcmmo version was released first. I wasn’t sure what I thought of it at first, but it made me feel a lot better about my middle school days battling non-linear functions with my mind, SOOOOOO much easier with weapons. I’ve never been all that good at mathing but this gave me a chance to finally win math! My only criticism would be too much colour.. I’m pretty into the white parts, but do we really need all the shades of black? It’s almost too much to process. Fun game though!

  2. Ha Ha i thought it was VERY fun. It made me want to start the game over and look at everything to see the difference. It also gave me all 4 and a+ in school today LITERALLY.!! So yah…

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