Laser Turrets!

You can now build Laser Turrets!

The laser turret is tied into the current town PVP setting, and may fire at players when they approach:

  • /townpvp off – Defensive mode, turrets will fire at non-citizens
  • /townpvp on – PVP mode, turrets fire at everyone
  • /townpvp bounty – PVP mode, turrets fire at everyone
  • /townpvp dungeon – turrets fire at everyone
  • /townpvp safe – (NEW) Safe mode, turrets fire at no one
  • Wilderness – turrets fire at everyone

Depending on town mode, the turret may take damage if a player attacks it.  If so, the turret will go offline for a while before reinitializing. (The turret does not get destroyed by damage, only temporarily disabled).

Laser Turrets are available to Level 5 players for 5 plat in Shop > Traps.


8 thoughts on “Laser Turrets!”

      1. Also, they only do 5 damage, which means it takes 4 hits to kill a level 6. Intentional?

        Also also, I should probably finish testing them before posting anything. Meh.

        1. Right next to them IS intentional — but the far end is a bug. Damage, I’m open to considering raising it.

  1. 5 plat? Jesus, Robby! How many more items are plat items?? No offense, but all pvp stuff is gold, yet building stuff can cost plat? Ah well, back to people overpricing their sales…

    1. I think this item is one of the items that need to cost plot. It’s incredibly a MAJOR breakthrough with the item itself. This is genius.

  2. i think their should be another option for 7 plat its a rotation turret 5 damage shoots slower but rotates so I can fire horrrisontaly

    this isn’t realy a turret its more like a trip wire like block but still good job

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