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Design Root’s Social Club – Win Plat!

 >>> watch link: go here. <<<

With the addition of instancing, Root needs a place where players can gather together to chat & trade.  I'm going to open this up to the community to allow you to design & create Root's new Social Club!


  • The social club is a small area, somewhere between 2x2 regions on the small side, to 3x3 regions on the large size.  2x3 regions is also fine. [a region is a collection of 16x16 tiles, as defined by the loc command. Details]
  • You can create it in your pocket universe, in the wilderness, in a town, or wherever you like
  • If your Social Club is selected, I will be copying your blocks, so you will be free to re-use them later for something else.
  • The Social Club should be self-contained - no links or roads to other locations (other than a space for a telepad to link to Root where players will arrive and leave from (you don't need to purchase the telepad, just leave a space for one)).
  • When copied, the Social Club will appear as a pocket universe with blackness on the edges outside the region boundaries
  • On that note, please design with region boundaries in mind -- ie, don't have a building hanging off the edge of your social club


  • There will be two winners - one for Primary, and one for Potato (different social club for each server!)
  • Each winner will receive a Gold/Plat Pack Token that includes 5,500 gold and 39 platinum (equivalent of the $24.99 pack)
  • On Wednesday afternoon, we'll do a livestream where we check out all the entries, and possibly even announce the winner & install the new social club in Root
  • Contest will run until the start of the livestream on Wednesday afternoon
  • No purchase necessary to enter
  • If an entry has blocks by multiple players, the mayor is the one who will win the prize
  • Enter by posting a comment to this blog post that includes 1) your in-game name, 2) coordinate to teleport to view your entry (get them by typing /loc), 3) Size of your entry (ie, 2x2 regions), 4) Server your entry is on (Primary or Potato)

Tune In to Wednesday's Livesteam

Wednesday's Livesteam (where we review the entries) happens at 2PM Pacific.


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  1. What exactly is ment by 3×3?

  2. 1) Jimmy.fritter

    2) 45, 135, 8:2, 4=64704

    3) 2 X 2 (approx)

  3. I will try to make it in my new non-expanded town called… drumroll please, *drumroll*, Nopeville!

    • I forgot to remove “(pirate)” from my name… :mrgreen:

      • I hope 33×33 is good enough…

        • I will make multiple!

          First one:

          3)It’s in my pocket universe so, I guess it’s 2×2 regions.
          4)Potato server

          • Second one:

            3)It’s 2×2 regions.
            4)Primary server

            ************It is next to my town, and only just partly in it, so not the sand and dirt one but the one left (west) of it.************
            *********If the 33×33 block sand and dirt one can count, then please do check that one out too, it is east of the one I officially submited.*********

            I hope you like them. I won’t be watching the stream.

          • I hope you read this.

            33×33 is just short of fitting perfectly into a 2×2, it’s 1 block beyond the limit. If you can cut it down a block’s length on each side, this is a fine submission. Best of luck.

          • @lildrummerdrew
            I know 33×33 is one block each direction from being 2×2, but cutting those blocks would ruin it.

          • Then it won’t fit into regions properly and can’t be a submission.. I’m sure there’s a way, dude

  4. alright so a region is a collection of 16×16 squares, so if you want a 3×3 region, you want 16x16x3x3?

    • You’d have to actually measure the regions out, using /loc and a bit of work. At base, your pocket universe is 2×2 regions. A non-expanded town is 3×3 regions, 48×48 blocks.

  5. Would the potential ‘Social Club’ have to be designed in the server it would end up on? Because then it’s basically a game of risk – do you design on potato in the hope of less competition, but fewer players will appreciate your efforts, or do you design on the main server because if you win, the majority of players will see it?
    If you get my point.

  6. 1) Resurrection

    2) 255, 109, 16:0,1=5423

    3) 2×2

  7. 1) Kothanlem

    2) 6,218,8:1,1=31074

    3) 2×2

  8. It doesn’t matter what server you build it in right? It will conclude in both servers for the top 2?

  9. Ill enter once I get on my pc… however, I wont be present for the livestream… could you keep a video recording of it for people unable to see it at the 4ime designated? Thanks.

  10. 1) Not Nerty

    2) 41,54,8:1,1=12469

    3) 2×2

  11. 1) name: martian
    2) coordinate: 251,247,48:36,82=66
    3) size: exactly 2×2 region (from 36,82 to 37,83)

  12. 1) swaggerton
    2) 1,209,24:-126,124=66
    3) 2×2

  13. hmm, might have to see if I have time to take my homestone out and build something for this…

  14. 1. Meep42
    2. 100,157,16:1,1=1035
    3. 2×3 regions (wide)
    4. Main.

    Also accessible with /tele .temp, currently.
    At time of posting, still WIP, but it’ll be finished by the livestream. Just posting now in case I forget later, and miss the competition.

  15. 1)Mike the best
    4)Primary server

  16. 1) IGN: lildrummerdrew
    2) COORD: -44,102
    3) SIZE: 2×3 (or 3×2?)
    4) SERVER: Primary

  17. Here is my entry for the social club.

    1) In Game Name: Xerp

    2) Coordinates to Teleport: 129,60,8:-2,-1=84931 | or type /tele xerp to get there

    3) Size: 3×3 Regions

    4) Server: Primary

  18. 1. Its 2×2 regions its on primary you can get there by /tele hermit

  19. 1) Booty

    2) 140, 107, 56:0,0=3503

    3) 2×2 regions

    4) primary

    I won’t be able to make the livestream because of dumb school hours I hope that won’t be an issue I apologize profusely for my terrible schedule

  20. 1. Derpwolf

    2. 229,235,8:1,1=66192

    3. 2×2 (filled my pocket universe)

    4. primary

    Club Chill. A ice themed club with several floors

  21. Name: Supersam

    Server: Primary

    Corrdinates: Just Tp to me, i’ll be AFK on wenesday

    Size: 2xabout 1 1/2. Hoope it works, that was all my gold!

  22. i have a good idea not i have only 3 hours to make. i wont be on for the livestream since its 10pm in the uk at that time

  23. i wont be on for the livestream since its 10pm in the uk at that time. my place is at
    247, 137, 32:0, 0=26349

    its in my pocket universe. its in the primary server. since its in my pocket world its 2×2 size.
    my in game name is AJ1AJ.

    extra info
    just incase my cordinates dont show the right place the public telepad should go ontop of the pyramid in the odd spot out that has no blue carpet in its place. i spent all my time on it and i hope i win. i hope you love it.

  24. 1. Fungdark
    2. 119, 43, 0: 127,-127 = 65 (telepad spot)
    3. 3×3
    4. Potato

    Good luck all!

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