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Town Vice Mayors & Town Ownership Transfer

Potato server has been updated with two new town features:

Town Transfer

You can transfer town ownership to someone else with /towntransfer <player name>.  You will have to run it twice for it to actually take effect -- there is no undo, so be very careful!  Once executed, you will lose your mayorship and the target player will gain it.

Vice Mayor

There is also a new town role: the Vice Mayor.  Users with this role have these permissions:

  • Add/remove citizens
  • Set/clear Official status for a citizen
  • All the permissions of a Town Official

A mayor can make a citizen of the town a Vice Mayor by /townvicemayor <player name>.  Removal of Vice Mayor status uses the same command.  Given the permissions the target player will have, use with care!

Testing it out

The new features are running on Potato.  I'll get them uploaded to Primary as well soon, after they've had a chance to prove themselves stable on Potato first.

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  1. Looks like a pretty sweet update Robby! Can’t wait for it to reach Primary 😀

  2. i like it i vould like to be a mayor but can’t get plat cause i have no money i have only km

  3. These updates are greatly appreciated

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