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Patch Notes

Lots of misc stuff tonight:

  • Blue sword & Pixel Pistol's levels have been swapped -- now you can buy the blue sword to help you get through the Hipster dungeon
  • Sign added to Hipster dungeon reminding you to buy said sword
  • Made it possible to actually stand on the reward block instead of die at end of Hipster dungeon
  • Sir Zombie Brains gives more EXP now
  • At level 3 and above, Sir Zombie Brains gives cat or hipster quests if he's run out of player quests to give you
  • For level 1 & 2, Sir Zombie Brains now gives quests in the pattern: 1) slay quest, 2) reward block quest, 3) if still not leveled up, a reminder that new quests are coming when you hit the next level and another slay quest
  • Two new hats added!  They're part of the upcoming Steam Founder's Packs that you'll be able to get on Friday via Steam
  • Game server no longer hangs if IRC server dies
  • Mutes are now remembered between server reboots
  • Auto-mute for chat flood
  • Horizontal scrollbar should no longer show up when you complete a reward block quest
  • Lawyercat quests should now update in quest window
  • Purchasing scripts set up to handle new steam packs
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  1. Gun for level 3? oh just no that is bad,it needs inprovment. blue sword for level 2 for the hipster dungeon?That’s a bit bad and besides having the blue sword at level 2 makes the hipsters like fighting lawyer cats(unless they actuly have 4 health i’m not sure yet…).Players barely pass the DGR at level 4 or lower with that high attack,a real boss should not be able to kill players in 1 hit when they are ment to fight the DGR at level 3/4,sure they can move left and right but the respawn so quickly!And the DGR can be deadly to a level 6 player if they are fighting 3 of them at once!

    • DGRs aren’t that dangerous. It’s hipsters you should watch out for. That boosted attack speed saps your health before you can kill them -_-

      Also, hipsters do have 4 health

      • DGR do 12 damage level 4 pepole can easily get killed in 1 hit,hipsters do have the high attack speed but this is only dangerous for the pepole who use the RPG sword,since you can attack so fast you can call it equal by having a blue sword the player around level 2 can lose about 2 or 3 hp without dodging a hipster while both of them at the same time are dangerous to each other,but for players with a red sword they can easily kill a hipster before you get hit atleast once.

        • Ah, I’m thinking of the wilderness on =66, in which they come at your from all sides as you fight your way through. That means you’d have to be swording in all directions at once to avoid hipsters, whereas (D)GRs attack so slowly you can just run past them.

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