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Patch notes 12/16

  • Trading scam fixed - now if you change your offer, it unsets the offer accepted status for both you and your trading partner.
  • Lighting/low perf mode is triggered more easily now via FPS weighted average - hopefully this will help with some of the reported client lag.
  • Noticed Primary server was taking 25 minutes to load last night, did some optimizations and now it loads in 45 seconds!
  • Locked out of your safe?  No longer do you need to find me -- now you can break into it yourself with /safe owneropen if you're the owner of said safe.
  • More accurate memory usage debug reporting (on hitting F10)
  • Player can no longer wander into unloaded regions or off the map's edge.  No more killing you for your safety 🙁
  • Names are no longer shown for mobs on a floor above you that you can't see.
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  1. But… Killing you for your own safety was something we all loved. R.I.P. World’s edge, you will be remembered.

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