Introducing… Pocket Universes!

pocket universe

Hot off the heels of the new map launch, I’m adding a new place for you to build in.  Your very own Pocket Universe.

When you use the Pocket Universe Telepad in Root, you’ll be transported to a universe of your very own.  There you can build, without worrying about nearby monsters or someone building near you.  By default, no one else can build in your universe, it’s all yours.  Just like any other map, it will persist across server reboots.

You can invite friends over to your Pocket Universe with a Homestone, or set up a telepad/publicpad if you prefer something more permanent.

If you want, you can upgrade your Pocket Universe with a Town Stone.  Doing so will increase the space from 2×2 regions to 3×3 regions, as well as let you have friends build there.  Other town functionality is supported as well, including the ability to further expand the size of the Pocket Universe with /townexpand.

Other changes:

  • You can now build towns on the edges of the world (again)
  • If an NPC grants XP during a conversation, the player’s Level/XP bar should be displayed (this bug fix is WIP)
  • Menu button now shows during the pit NPC conversations
  • You can’t accidentally place objects off in the black void anymore

7 thoughts on “Introducing… Pocket Universes!”

  1. Hm…. Interesting concept to be sure. Though I’m left to wonder how this affects the server itself.

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