Leveling System Added

Big update today!  Based on player feedback and suggestions, I’ve added a new leveling system to the game.  You’ll notice an Exp Bar displayed next to your active item now:

7.5.13 level meter

You can gain experience points by:

  • Slay Lawyercats, Hipsters, and Slugs
  • Fight enemies in PvP arenas
  • Complete quests

Once you do, you will unlock items in the shop for each level:

7.5.13 level shop lockedv7.5.13 level shop unlocked

New items and shop categories with new items are highlighted in green to make them easy to find.

Some other misc changes:

  • Fixed bug where goldcap didn’t reset if you were offline when the timer reset
  • Admin command /potato to remotely turn people into potatoes 😛

Let me know how you like the new system!

PS, thanks to Trololo for the trap category bug report – is now fixed.


14 thoughts on “Leveling System Added”

  1. Um. Even us who have been playing for months (or even years) have to level? *Sigh*. I probably need a prod to start farming again, but still…

  2. Not nice to old players, that completed Draco quests before. On level 3 leveling by zombie is frustating.
    (Stealthy ask for player-made quests system

    1. Yep. At least he hasn’t confiscated all our level 5 blocks, I suppose 😛
      Tried mentioning this earlier, but nothing I post on the blog actually works.
      In light of which, not really sure why I’m saying this.
      Hope springs eternal.

  3. I think it’s too easy to hit the max level. A level should be something that takes a long time to get to the max. It has to take a lot of effort to reach it. The way it is now you can get to lvl 6 within a day. You don’t want to give your players the idea they have completed the game in 1 day, do you?

    Sure, you have to make the players enthusiastic by giving them a lot of blocks in the beginning but you also have them to strive for something better later on. Those expensive blocks like black blocks and red carpet should take a long time to get and after that something even rarer like gold blocks! 😀

    Also, you should get exp from placing blocks as well. Now you only get it by stabbing things.

    1. That’s a good point. I thought about doing for placing blocks, but I need to make it so you can’t just macro click in the same place overnight and be max level.

      Yeah, I want to add more levels in future, and have those be increasingly harder.

  4. hi I just signed up and iv been playing for like 5 months and I was just wondering if you are going to add more health per level or new weps or things like that if not I understand but im am looking forward to next update no matter what it is


  5. leveling to level 5 takes way to fucking long ;-;

    I think you should add 20 levels, and have the exp split into those. each one gains 3 HP and you need more diversity in swords, not just the RED, BLUE, WHITE, HAMMER. I feel there should be
    *way more enemies than normal
    *different swords, like a longsword with a small cooldown and reaches around the same of the hammer’s length, but does less damage and the cooldown is 1/2 of the hammer
    – a yellow sword for level 20 that does 20 – 25 damage
    – a sword like this one http://i.imgur.com/UeyuBdQ.gif
    – armor that 1/2’s dmg
    – Hazmat suit
    – poison goop
    – more deathtraps
    – make P obtainable through killing bosses on primary quests that you have made. like a megahippie, a satan (level 19 quest), etc.

    – make level 20 impossible to get unless killing satan

    – make a hell of a lot more blocks

    – add a system where each enemy drops gold and not like, I kill 5 of em at once and I only get like 2 gold
    ( ._.)

    – most importantly, ADD BOSSES!!!! I’m sick of the normal 5 enemies, and they get so damn easy to kill.

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