The Reward Block

Today I’ve added an exciting new item: the Reward Block.

At the end of dungeons (or mazes or whatever), drop a Reward Block to reward players for reaching the end.  Their name will be recorded into the list of users who reached the block, along with a total count of how many players found it.  If it’s the first reward block from your account that they’ve used, they’ll also receive 250 gold and 1 skill point!

5.10.13 - rewardblock

Try to find all the reward blocks in-game!  You can get a list of all of them, including their location coordinates with the command /rewardblocks

5.10.13 - rewardblock2

To start things off, Psy and I have placed reward blocks at the end of each of our dungeons.

5.10.13 - rewardblock3

Thanks to El Dromedario who posted the idea that inspired this to the suggestion box


7 thoughts on “The Reward Block”

  1. Skill points? Thats awesome, but REALLY, WHAT ARE THEY?! It sounds like this blog was from a while ago and i think hes given up on it. Right now, i think hes working on 9bitmmo.

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