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I have just added food to the game.  A chicken leg can be bought in the shop for a couple gold in the Household Goods section.  Once you've placed it in the world, press E to eat some delicious rotisserie chicken.

4.15.13 foodThanks to zloc6 and nine others for suggesting and voting this in the suggestion box.

PS - making chicken art and code today has left me FAMISHED.  Hehe. ;)

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  1. Can’t you lower the price to 2g, seeing as it’s technically impossible for it to heal all 3 hp? :D
    Plus, as it’s only an eighth of a block high, it’s actually more per ‘block’ than black tiles :D
    On the other hand, so long to stools for building between z-axises :D

  2. …Why are none of my comments working?!

  3. That seems like a brilliant update! Now to try sneak on 8bitMMO while my familiy’s upstairs. hehe. (PS: I don’t know why, but they don’t like it)

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