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Dungeon / Root Town / PvP Toggle Update

Today's update changes the respawn location to a new town, 'Root.'

From Root, you can access a few large player 'Hub' cities (cities with multiple links to other player towns).  It's my hope that this new layout will allow you to get wherever you want to go faster, and will result in less vying for the handful of telepad spots in Origin.

There's also a section in Root for the new Dungeons system.  Dungeons are essentially just towns that don't have PvP, but do have monster spawners.  I have updated Tutorial Zombie's quests to point to this new area.  In future, I hope to have more dungeons available -- either from me making several more, or potentially allowing players to build their own dungeons.

Finally, you can also toggle PvP combat in your town.  If you're a mayor or town official, use /townpvp to toggle whether PvP combat is enabled in your town.

Here's a full changelist for today's update:

  • There are now separate spawners for Lobbyist Slugs and Lawyercats
  • Quest reminder window has note to roll over mouse on it to get more details
  • Basic dungeon system
  • /townpvp command to toggle pvp status in your town
  • Tutorial text updated for new respawn location
  • Respawn location updated
  • When teleporting into an area, the town welcome message will be shown
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