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Checkpoint Pads

You got it!

You got it!

Checkpoint Pad waiting to be activated

Checkpoint Pad waiting to be activated

El Dromedario had a pretty good idea in the suggestion box that got some good votes: the Checkpoint Pad.  In his words:

It's a pretty simple idea but I think this is much needed in the game right now. Just as the title implies it is a pad that will act as a checkpoint. This will be really handy for those quests where you have to go through a maze or have to overcome obstacles such as the spike mazes. When a player reaches a checkpoint-pad he/she can activate it by pressing E. Once activated the player will be sent to the checkpoint whenever he/she dies. If you place multiple checkpoint-pads in a dungeon the player will be sent to the most recently activated checkpoint.

Checkpoint Pads only work in towns without PVP damage (we already have PVP respawn pads).  Additionally, the checkpoint respawn will only work while you are still in the same town the checkpoint is in.  Checkpoints don't save between server reboots, and only the most recently used checkpoint is remembered.

If you're in the same town as the checkpoint pad, you will respawn there automatically for most causes of death (except currently water).  You can also manually return to the checkpoint with /checkpoint (or /ch).

Thanks to setk, snakezxz, and xerp for Potato testing this new item.

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Pocket Townstone! Also: /rewardblocks fix & Hardmutes

pocket townstoneToday's update brings a number of new features:

The most exciting new feature is the Pocket Townstone.  It is a limited functionality townstone that can only be placed in your pocket universe.  It will not immediately increase the size of your pocket universe like a full townstone does.  However, it enables most townstone functionality such as the ability to let other players build in your pocket universe.  Just like normal townstones, please note you CANNOT move or delete this item after it has been placed!

You can upgrade a pocket townstone to a regular townstone for 10p (/townupgrade).  Doing so will cause your pocket universe to be expanded from 2x2 to 3x3.

Special thanks to setk and snakezxz for helping me test the new pocket townstone!

/rewardblocks command now shows which map the reward block is located on.

Hardmutes - a mod (or flood check) can use in situations where a user is heavily spamming / offensive to mute the player and prevent their text from being shown in IRC (reverts to a normal mute on next server reboot).


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Oven! Full Grass! /towns!


Three new updates today:

  • You can now place the Oven!  You can turn it on!  Or turn it off!  Wow!
  • Introducing Full Grass blocks.  Honestly I thought I had already made this one years ago.  Oops, my bad.  ;)
  • Have so many towns you can't keep track of them all?  Or maybe you placed one and didn't name it and now you can't find it?  Just use /towns to get a list of all towns you are the Mayor of and their locations.
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MegaMap v3

After many months of development, rendering, more development, even more rendering, the new map is finally online!  This is the first map update in more than half a year, and as this new map also includes =67, Potato Server, and many Pocket Universes, there's a ton of cool stuff to see!


If you would prefer your pocket universe not show up on the map, you can type /togglemapprivacy while standing in your pocket universe.  The change will take effect next time the map is generated.

The map making process is now more automated, so it shouldn't take another half year for the next map refresh :)

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Steam Trading Cards


You can now earn Steam Trading Cards in-game!  As we are free to play, you should earn approximately one card drop for every $9 USD spent (the same as all free to play games on Steam that have trading cards).

If you don't want your cards, send them to me :P

NOTE:  Currently the Founders Packs do not grant trading cards.  I have requested Valve allow this, but not heard back on this request yet.

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The Garbotron 8BitMMO Parody is pretty much the best thing ever

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Native 64-bit Linux

I've created a new build for 64-bit Linux users -- now you shouldn't need to install i386 libraries in order to play.  You may need to Verify Game Integrity Cache in order to get the new depot.

32-Bit Linux should remain unaffected

Lemme know if it works for you :)

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Steam Achievements are in!

achievementI am excited to announce that you can now unlock Steam Achievements while you play the Steam edition of the game.  Check out the full list of achievements.

ALL achievements can be earned by all players, although some can be a bit tricky ;)

Some special notes for existing players:

  • If you've already collected reward blocks, you can trigger the achievement via /rewardblocks
  • If you've already completed Draco's questline, talking to him will unlock both those achievements
  • If you've already fallen in the pit, talking to RobbyZ will unlock that achievement

Special Mac note:  The overlay doesn't work on my machine, but the actual unlocking does work.

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Assorted Updates

Fridge / Flowers Fix:  There was a bug where the Fridge & Flowers household goods items were poking out through ceilings.  If you pick them up and place them again, now they will correctly sort.

Draco Tutorial:  Draco gives new players 10 half-sized blocks now.  I suspect these will be a bit easier for new players to learn with than the full size blocks.

Shadow/outline tuning:  Picking up a block should correctly adjust the outlines of remaining blocks around it now.  Shadows on dirt should be more likely to show up.  Also, when moving the placement preview block, shadows will only be recalculated as needed.

TV Rename:  Modern TV is now officially called Platscreen TV in the shop.  Not sure who started calling it that, but you're a genius. :P

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Mac + Linux, also Trade fix

I've just pushed to Steam Mac & Linux builds!  I had to rewrite part of the rendering pipeline for Mac, but it seems to be working well so far.

These builds should be considered very beta, so please report bugs that affect these platforms on the forums (or if it just works, that's good to hear too! ;))

Linux has been tested and is known to work on Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit.
Mac has been tested and is known to work on OSX 10.9.2 (Mac Mini).

Known issues:

  • Mac + Linux: Overlay doesn't seem to work in-game.
  • Mac + Linux: If you switch windows, you may see two cursors in-game.
  • Mac:  Game & launcher icons are shown as generic Java icons.
  • Mac:  Java icon sometimes continues to be shown after game is finished, until icon is clicked.
  • Linux (64bit):  Additional libraries are required, please see 'How to Install 8Bit-MMO on 64-bit Ubuntu' in the FAQ.

I've also fixed an issue that affected trading.  Trading now has better trade offer validity checking, so if you happen to get hit by phantom inventory objects, those objects won't appear to be tradeable anymore.

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