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Fullscreen, Initial Japanese Support

A couple new things in today's build:

  • Alt+Enter = Fullscreen!
  • New language option: Japanese.  (Not all strings have been translated yet though)
  • New language option:  Goggles Translate (Just for fun, I ran the Japanese translations through Google translate to get English strings again. :P)
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Firevania – 30hr weekend gamejam entry


This weekend, I participated in a gamejam event, where people come together to make a game in 30 hours.


Oven Updates on Potato


  • Raw meat can now be purchased & cooked to taste.  Don't leave it on the oven too long or it'll get crispy (thanks for suggestion Dragonslayerwei & Hermit).
  • Note there is a known issue with meat shadows currently
  • Oven recipes changed up a bit based on suggestions from Sage
  • Oven now retains ownership through bake process (thanks for bug report Sage/Value)
  • In the wilderness, only the owner can bake using the oven (ovens can still be used by others when in towns)
  • Ovens cannot be used across town borders
  • Fixed bug where teleportation to a manually created system universe was erroneously denied
  • Oven optimization to properly unload inactive ovens

Barring any crash issues, I plan to update Primary with all the Potato test updates soon!

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Assorted updates

These changes are being tested out on Potato server:

  • Food objects can be used in inventory by right clicking them
  • Food items can only be used once per 2.5sec to prevent becoming invincible in PvP
  • Laser rifle is slightly more expensive (500->600g), while its ammo is significantly less expensive (300->150g)
  • Localization note added to spreadsheet
  • Fixed bug where sometimes ~ was displayed erroneously in localized text

Also: MegaMap's coordinate system is working again :)

Please let me know if you spot any new bugs from these changes!

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Beginnings of Localization Support


On Potato server, I'm now testing basic localization support.  When connected to Potato, on the options screen, you will have an option to select which language to play in.  For the most part this doesn't do a whole lot yet as the game isn't yet translated, but in anticipation of going to Tokyo Game Show, I'm working with a friend to get the game translated into Japanese.

Also, you can now type foreign characters into the chat window!  I intended this for people chatting in their native language, but instead I fully expect to be inundated with extravagant emoticons shortly ಠ_ಠ  ... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

If you speak a foreign language, you can also translate the game!  In HTMudWeb.zip, open up localization.xls in excel, add a new column, and follow the instructions.  You could translate the game to your native language, or just make everything speak in Olde English for your 8BitMMO Middle Ages Feudal England Mod.  Either way, should be useful for the modders! :)

Moving all the strings out of the code and into excel may have resulted in some weird text in places, so if you catch any of those situations on Potato, please report them!

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Boxtech is officially out on Primary Server, with not one, but SIX box types to choose from!  Containers have been one of the most popular suggestions over the past few years, so I'm very excited to finally have containers available.


  • Public Box - anyone can put items in or take items out
  • Owner Box - only you can put items in or take items out
  • Town Box - only town citizens can put items in or take items out (if not placed inside a town, will function as an owner box)

Each box type comes in a small and large size.  Small can handle 500 objects, while large can handle 1,000 objects.

You can carry boxes with you in your inventory, or even put boxes inside other boxes (because physics :P).  The box will only count as a single item towards your inventory or region limit.

While near a box, press E to use it.  When done, simply press escape to clear all open windows from your screen.

Special thanks to everyone who suggested the idea, and also to those who helped test it -- including Value, Hermit, Snakezxz, Pyoro, Zooty, ToxicPenguin_, El Dromedario, Captain Fearless, alex82, and pixelplayer2.  Sorry if I missed anyone :)

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New low-cpu launcher [r11]

I fixed a bug that was causing the launcher to use way too much CPU.  If you use Steam, the update is applied automatically, or download the latest standalone launcher.

PS - Boxtech is up on Potato if you want to test it out! :)

UPDATE: These two bugs are now fixed:

  • /sellallinv no longer sells containers
  • Phantom objects are no longer created due to using containers while in object placement mode
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*community explodes* :D


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New Mods

Please join me in welcoming ToxicPenguin_, thekyro, Value, and Xerp as the most recent additions to our moderator team!

All four have been active in the community and helpful to new players, and I am excited to have them join the team.  If you want to be a mod, don't worry -- more mods will be added in future based on the Moderation team's nominations.


Checkpoint Pads

You got it!

You got it!

Checkpoint Pad waiting to be activated

Checkpoint Pad waiting to be activated

El Dromedario had a pretty good idea in the suggestion box that got some good votes: the Checkpoint Pad.  In his words:

It's a pretty simple idea but I think this is much needed in the game right now. Just as the title implies it is a pad that will act as a checkpoint. This will be really handy for those quests where you have to go through a maze or have to overcome obstacles such as the spike mazes. When a player reaches a checkpoint-pad he/she can activate it by pressing E. Once activated the player will be sent to the checkpoint whenever he/she dies. If you place multiple checkpoint-pads in a dungeon the player will be sent to the most recently activated checkpoint.

Checkpoint Pads only work in towns without PVP damage (we already have PVP respawn pads).  Additionally, the checkpoint respawn will only work while you are still in the same town the checkpoint is in.  Checkpoints don't save between server reboots, and only the most recently used checkpoint is remembered.

If you're in the same town as the checkpoint pad, you will respawn there automatically for most causes of death (except currently water).  You can also manually return to the checkpoint with /checkpoint (or /ch).

Thanks to setk, snakezxz, and xerp for Potato testing this new item.

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