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9Bit.2031 – Build mode fixes

  • Fixed a bug where placing/picking up indoors in 3d mode caused the wrong block to be picked up or placed in wrong position
  • Z-axis lock now works in 3d mode, including CTRL+[ and CTRL+] hotkeys
  • Shop is less broken:  all items listed on each shop page, plus back button added (including backspace hotkey)
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Novemberbit 2015!

3dGlasses2Our annual server fundraiser / mega-sale has just kicked-off... and it's the most exciting one yet!  It includes a new landrush, possible doubleplat, and a variety of new items.  There's even a 500,000 gold giveaway that's free to enter, sponsored by Kjh787.

New this year: most rewards can be gotten right away, including the mysterious 3D Test Glasses.  What do they do?


8BitMMO: The Mousepad

I just picked this up for $1 (including shipping from Hong Kong to USA):

mousepadHere's how I did it:

  1. Head to retailmenot and plug in "mousepad" for mousepad deals.  Grab one of the $.99 mousepad coupon codes
  2. I went with a company called Artscow.
  3. You might not want to use your main e-mail, because they're going to spam it with stuff every day, even if you opt out during registration.
  4. I got the "Large Mousepad"
  5. Here's some art you can use.
  6. It ships from Hong Kong, so it takes a couple weeks to arrive.  On the plus side, this probably means international shipping isn't extra.

EDIT: Apparently not all the codes there get you the $1 pad + free shipping.  Try this one:  Z099MOUSEPADNSQNK or the others on the retailmenot site.

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MOI: How to download & make mods

Check out last week's livestream that explains how to find, download, create, edit, and share mods.


Build.2304 – Camera Reset

You can now reset the camera position by pressing F2.


Localization fixes (Build 2299)

Build 2299 adds text localization for the new GIF Creator and Sync features.


AZERTY/Keybind Support + Better Hotkeys in Build 2282

Today's changes:

  • Customize your keybinds (for instance for AZERTY keyboards).  When starting the game via AESU, check 'File > Show Resolution Options on Launch' then launch the game.  On the input tab, you will be able to adjust the keys.
  • Level graphic is now displayed on level up
  • Mouse panning enabled while in sell mode
  • Quick jump from buy mode to sell mode just by pressing sell key
  • Camera scroll speed should no longer be dependent on FPS
  • Text size changes to registration page for some languages


AESU on Windows has been updated to version 5 to include a fix that prevents a popup window from showing when "Next" is clicked on the Popular Blueprint Ideas tab.

This AESU build is optional -- Windows users can download from the download page or via Steam.  AESU4 for Mac and Linux already include these fixes.


Make GIFs with MOI

Now you can easily record a GIF with March of Industry!  Simply head to the options menu and use the new GIF Recorder tool.  You can even set an optional caption.


Which makes a nice GIF:


Livestream: Sunday @ 1PM Pacific

I'm planning to do a livestream Sunday at 1PM Pacific (convert to your timezone)

I will:

  • Show how to use Mod Sync to choose some mods and download them into March of Industry
  • Create a blueprint live and then download it in-game
  • Maybe give out some Steam keys 😉

It will be streamed on our twitch page.