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Assorted Updates

Fridge / Flowers Fix:  There was a bug where the Fridge & Flowers household goods items were poking out through ceilings.  If you pick them up and place them again, now they will correctly sort.

Draco Tutorial:  Draco gives new players 10 half-sized blocks now.  I suspect these will be a bit easier for new players to learn with than the full size blocks.

Shadow/outline tuning:  Picking up a block should correctly adjust the outlines of remaining blocks around it now.  Shadows on dirt should be more likely to show up.  Also, when moving the placement preview block, shadows will only be recalculated as needed.

TV Rename:  Modern TV is now officially called Platscreen TV in the shop.  Not sure who started calling it that, but you're a genius. :P

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Mac + Linux, also Trade fix

I've just pushed to Steam Mac & Linux builds!  I had to rewrite part of the rendering pipeline for Mac, but it seems to be working well so far.

These builds should be considered very beta, so please report bugs that affect these platforms on the forums (or if it just works, that's good to hear too! ;))

Linux has been tested and is known to work on Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit.
Mac has been tested and is known to work on OSX 10.9.2 (Mac Mini).

Known issues:

  • Mac + Linux: Overlay doesn't seem to work in-game.
  • Mac + Linux: If you switch windows, you may see two cursors in-game.
  • Mac:  Game & launcher icons are shown as generic Java icons.
  • Mac:  Java icon sometimes continues to be shown after game is finished, until icon is clicked.
  • Linux (64bit):  Additional libraries are required, please see 'How to Install 8Bit-MMO on 64-bit Ubuntu' in the FAQ.

I've also fixed an issue that affected trading.  Trading now has better trade offer validity checking, so if you happen to get hit by phantom inventory objects, those objects won't appear to be tradeable anymore.

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Configure your e-mail settings

Just uploaded a new build which adds ability to configure your e-mail settings directly -- just go menu > options > Account/E-mail Settings

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A whole bunch of new household goods!


I've just added a bunch of new household goods -- almost everything we made in the art livestream a couple days ago.  The stove pictured above is NOT yet publicly available, as I have some special plans for that ;)

I changed the way items are placed too -- most items smaller than a half block will now attempt to horizontally & vertically center themselves within the tile.  Also, when placing signs, they no longer snap away from you when you place them.

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IRC SSL Certs & Web Path Updated

The ssl certs for the irc server were a bit out of date...

*   Valid since Jan  2 23:14:56 2005 GMT to Jan  2 23:14:56 2006 GMT

Okay, maybe a lot out of date :P.  Anyhow, they're valid again now for both the irc server itself, as well as web access.  Note if you had the irc web interface bookmarked, it's got a different path now.

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Build 1022

  • Full size sand & snow blocks now in shop (thanks to Grim)
  • Easter Egg Hunt is now closed -- egg spawners removed  (but existing eggs have been left as-is).
  • Web/Kongregate users should now have an option for Java to remember permission to run the applet on the Java security dialog window popup.  Special thanks to Joe from Aberoth for this protip :)
  • Better registration page for Web & Kongregate editions -- including e-mail warning if no email is provided
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The 100,000 Gold Easter Egg Hunt

Find all four eggs and solve all the riddles to discover the safe password at /tele Easter.  The safe contains 100,000 gold, which will be the reward to one skilled player who cracks the puzzle.


The gold is donated by KJH787, thanks kjh!

Here is your first clue:



The new Hammer weapon is now playable on Potato (and soon Primary if Potato remains stable during testing).


The Hammer is a strong weapon -- it causes 10 damage in an area of effect around you.  However, you have to stand still for 3/4ths of a second before the weapon causes damage -- just enough time to escape if your opponent is quick.

Other changes currently being tested on Potato:

  • If you trade your homestone to another player, you can buy a new one
  • Dialogue window properly uses the keybinding setting instead of always using 'E'
  • Client/server time synchronization system (current being used in the Hammer)
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Working on a new hammer weapon... so far all it does is say "HAMMER TIME!"  x_x


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Buy-Ammo System

A popular request has been ammo purchasable separately from weapons.  I am now testing this change on Potato, and if it's stable, expect to see it on Primary tomorrow.

  • Ammo can be bought separately
  • Weapons no longer self-delete on reaching zero ammo
  • Prevent purchasing another weapon when that weapon already exists in the inventory (this simplifies weapon management, since each weapon item can have its own unique ammo count, and it'd be easy to get mixed up)
  • Weapon's ammo level now properly saves/loads
  • x10 buttons removed for weapon folder
  • Pixel Pistol now does 3 damage - combined with low ammo cost, hopefully this makes it more appealing for use


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