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Fourteen Years of Development in Screenshots

At 3PM Pacific, we'll be celebrating our official 1.0 launch!  But it hasn't been quick to get here.  8BitMMO's development originally started in 2001, and had a great many rewrites in the intervening fourteen years.

Over the years, I have saved screenshots of what the project looked like. I've also provided below some insights as to my thought process and other stuff going on in my life.  This post ended up being far more personal than I intended, but maybe it'll end up being useful to someone out there.  Indie dev isn't an easy road.  I've had great victories and bad times both.  So ready your modems, because this post is gonna be long.


Delivering Pocket Universes

If you bought the Second Pocket Universe / Town Expansion tier during Octoberbit and filled out the survey, those have now been delivered / expanded.  If you didn't fill out the survey yet, please do.

Town Expansions

Have been expanded, enjoy!

Second Pocket Universes

You can get a list of your pocket universes with /listpockets, it will show a map id for each pocket you own.

You can then teleport to each pocket with /telepocket <map id>, ie: /telepocket 123456

In your inventory, you will find a brand new Townstone.  Place that in your pocket where you like, then return to the survey.  On the main page, there is a new reward option: "Second PU - I received it and placed TS, now ready for expand."  Submit that to notify me that you are ready for the town expansion to 5x5.



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The Garbotron 8BitMMO Parody is pretty much the best thing ever

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Off to GDC

Well, I'm off to the Game Developer's Conference all next week to do Business.  Before I go, I'll leave you with two teasers.

1) Autocap v2 is the new map system.  Unlike autocap v1, now it will be fully automated, and with any luck, the map should update by itself roughly once a week (instead of once per six months :P).  Kartud has been working hard on this, and we hope to have something running by the end of next next week.


2) I've been working on a new weapon, the Laser Rifle.  It will have a range and hit effect like the laser turret (and I may be balancing upwards the laser turret's damage too). To balance out its range and firepower, it will have a reload sequence between shots -- so make each one count.


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Laser Block Preview

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8BitMMO Running on Intel Steam Machine

Just got my Intel Steam Machine earlier today, played around with it a bit and got a SUPER early test build of 8BitMMO running on the hardware!  Check it out! 😀

Special thanks to Tom Miller / Honin Myo Audio for music used in this video!
* Into The Wilderness
* Grassy Meadow

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Latest java update breaks 8BitMMO when in applet mode

Java has helpfully released an update which breaks some applets, including 8BitMMO.  I'll be taking a look at this shortly, but in the meanwhile you can still use the Desktop Edition or the Steam Edition.

UPDATE: Applet should now be fixed

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90k users? Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! :D

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