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The new Hammer weapon is now playable on Potato (and soon Primary if Potato remains stable during testing).


The Hammer is a strong weapon -- it causes 10 damage in an area of effect around you.  However, you have to stand still for 3/4ths of a second before the weapon causes damage -- just enough time to escape if your opponent is quick.

Other changes currently being tested on Potato:

  • If you trade your homestone to another player, you can buy a new one
  • Dialogue window properly uses the keybinding setting instead of always using 'E'
  • Client/server time synchronization system (current being used in the Hammer)
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Working on a new hammer weapon... so far all it does is say "HAMMER TIME!"  x_x


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Buy-Ammo System

A popular request has been ammo purchasable separately from weapons.  I am now testing this change on Potato, and if it's stable, expect to see it on Primary tomorrow.

  • Ammo can be bought separately
  • Weapons no longer self-delete on reaching zero ammo
  • Prevent purchasing another weapon when that weapon already exists in the inventory (this simplifies weapon management, since each weapon item can have its own unique ammo count, and it'd be easy to get mixed up)
  • Weapon's ammo level now properly saves/loads
  • x10 buttons removed for weapon folder
  • Pixel Pistol now does 3 damage - combined with low ammo cost, hopefully this makes it more appealing for use


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Introducing CalcMMO!  The world's first (and hopefully last) TI-83 Graphing Calculator themed massively multiplayer game!


Our Datacenter

Our Datacenter

  • Finally, learning math is fun!  Attack EVIL POLYNOMIAL FUNCTIONS with your KNOWLEDGE STICK.
  • Upgrade your graphs with POWERful new variables (MATH PUN! SEE YOU ARE ALREADY LEARNING!)
  • Experience the power and mystique of cutting edge calculator gameplay on your home personal computer.
  • Manually retype BASIC programs during homeroom since your Trig teacher resets all the calculators ever since Jake cheated on the midterm!
  • Become a Linear Function and hunger after delicious human meatflesh.
  • Amazing two color graphics!  Oh wait, that looks grayscale.  Is this actually TI-84 graphics?  Radical!  (ANOTHER MATH PUN!)
  • That was the last math pun.


Press Quotes:

'I mathed three times, and by the third time, I lost most feeling to my left leg.'   -Jim
'a^2 + b^2 = c^2'   - Pythagoras
'This has no educational value whatsoever'   -Teachers Everywhere
'I have no idea what is happening right now'   -All 8BitMMO Players

calc-linearfunction calc-quest calc-quest1 calc-town calc-town2

You can play CalcMMO today on 8BitMMO.net.

We also updated our Steam page for this event - you can see a saved copy of it here.
CalcMMO has no association with and is not endorsed by Texas Instruments.  This is a joke.  TI please don't bomb us.
Special thanks to our crack team of MIT engineer for the datacenter photo!

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Laser Rifles are live!

laserRifleToday's update brings a number of nice things:

  • Laser Rifles -- charge them up and fire... but don't charge them too long ;)
  • Active item window sizes around the active item (wide item support)
  • Muted players can no longer whisper to anyone
  • If you /ignore a player, you will no longer see whispers from them
  • Use /nearby or /n to chat to players near you without the entire server seeing your text.  IRC will still see it though.
  • Fixed bug where players would respawn in the same place if there was only one place to respawn
  • Pixel Pistol is half the cost
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Couple bug fixes in build 969

  • Fixed bug where you sometimes got stuck between two open doors
  • Fix for ghost blocks
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2k Expansion Block Delivered to Backers

Expansion Block

Expansion Block

The 2k Expansion Block has been delivered to backers of the Mega fundraiser from a couple months ago -- check your inboxes if I haven't already caught you online.

The block increases the maximum number of objects of a region from 1,000 blocks to 2,000 blocks.  I didn't want to release this previously due to performance concerns, but after the recent performance improvements, I'm looking forward to seeing how the engine handles such demands.  If it performs well, then this might be available in the store one day.


PS - Tarkus, if you're reading this, I don't have an e-mail for you, so please get in touch and I'll trade the blocks to your account. :)

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Laser Turrets!

You can now build Laser Turrets!

The laser turret is tied into the current town PVP setting, and may fire at players when they approach:

  • /townpvp off - Defensive mode, turrets will fire at non-citizens
  • /townpvp on - PVP mode, turrets fire at everyone
  • /townpvp bounty - PVP mode, turrets fire at everyone
  • /townpvp dungeon - turrets fire at everyone
  • /townpvp safe - (NEW) Safe mode, turrets fire at no one
  • Wilderness - turrets fire at everyone

Depending on town mode, the turret may take damage if a player attacks it.  If so, the turret will go offline for a while before reinitializing. (The turret does not get destroyed by damage, only temporarily disabled).

Laser Turrets are available to Level 5 players for 5 plat in Shop > Traps.

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Better Inventory & bug fixes

I've improved the inventory screen a bit, so as to not have the overlapping issues that the old screen frequently had.  Also, screen wheel support (finally!)


  • When placing a block, the preview block no longer blocks your movement or gets you stuck
  • When placing a block, the preview block no longer displays if your cursor is out of the world
  • Fixed bug where inventory items could be selected even if they weren't visible due to scrolling
  • Fixed bug where accept trade button was hard to click if there were multiple rows of inventory items being traded
  • Inventory items are now clipped to a maximum amount to prevent overlap
  • Easier to read quantity labels, including when dragging over to trade window (is offset slightly so still readable next to cursor)
  • Scroll wheel support on inventory window
  • Tooltips use proper font
  • Fixed bug where pickup item would disappear after finishing trade
  • Possible fix for Meep server crash + more debug info
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Building Update

A couple updates today:

1) I've ported over the ObjectID change from Potato.  This is a pretty big change under the hood, so please report here any new bugs that arise from it.  Fortunately, it looks like it was pretty stable when running on Potato for the past few days.

bigRedCursor2) Reworked the build system.  Building is a littler faster and a bit more intuitive now.  To build stuff, just open the inventory and click the item.  If it's a weapon, it'll equip it per usual.  If it's a construction block, you will immediately be able to place it.  Want to drop a weapon?  Just click 'drop' on the active item panel.  Finally you can drop white swords again ;)  Pickup mode is similarly easy -- there's a new Pickup Item object in your inventory (it does NOT count towards your inventory limit).  Click it and you'll be in pickup mode.  All the old Q, R, CTRL+[, CTRL+], etc hotkeys still work.

Draco's text has been updated to correspond with the client changes.

3) You have a little pixel cursor for your mouse image now.  This is useful because it ties into the build system and changes color depending on if you're in normal, pickup, or drop modes.

4) Buy gold screen has been improved, with an explanation on how to get gold & plat, and a link to the trading forum if you'd rather not buy plat, plus thank you text at the bottom right for those who do.

5) Tooltips on several objects explaining how to use them, including all weapons and the Pickup Item.

6) Using new style buttons in the item shop, instead of ancient grey ones

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