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Hat Vote!

I've created five new hats! Users who have bought at least the 49.99 tier at the Octoberbit Promotion are now able to vote for which hat they'd like to see be the exclusive 49.99 tier hat. The hat that wins the vote will be granted to backers of the 49.99 tier -- it will never again be offered for sale after the promotion ends.  The other hats will be available in-game later.

Note - if you have kicked in $24.99 previously, you can buy an additional 24.99 to get this tier. Yes, that technically adds up to 49.98, but the system will round up in your favor and let you get the hat :)

To vote on the new hat, go to this page.  Hurry - votes will be tallied on the 15th!



Something Exciting Coming Soon…



Archived Copy of Saturday’s Live Stream

Missed the fun on Saturday?  Check out the archived youtube copy:


Thank You Giveaway

As a thank you to both new and old players, I want to do a little giveaway:

To get your thank you gift, e-mail me at PR+THANKYOU@ArchiveEntertainment.com

  • For verification of FB/Twitter like, please include  FB/Twitter name.
  • For verification of Greenlight Yes vote, please include or link to a screenshot of the yes button pressed.  (Don't know how to screenshot? Check out this guide)

Giveaway ends in four days - July 3rd -- so enter it NOW!  (Yes, if you previously liked/yes'ed the game a long time ago, you can still enter).  Boring legal stuff: One entry per person.  I am not affiliated with facebook/twitter/valve/zuul/etc.  No purchase necessary to win.  Approximate cash value of each prize is 1/100th of a cent.

Thanks for your support!

PS - Don't forget if you share the game with a friend using Menu > Refer, you and your friend can get additional gold.


Join me live on The Greenlight Supershow


We're part of a mega livestream on Saturday called The Greenlight Supershow.  I'll be talking about the game and hopefully we'll have some new players from the interwebs joining us to play live.  It should be a lot of fun, and it'd be awesome to see some of the community playing along.

Our slot is 10pm EDT -- click here to get the broadcast time in your local timezone and a calendar invite.

Be sure to swing by... I may even give out a token or two live on the air ;)


New Mod: SapphireCoyote

Please join me in welcoming SapphireCoyote as our latest Community Moderator!


Weather in Bastion expected to be wet today



April Fools!

And now everything is back to normal.



Gaming technology is changing.  Every day, the quality bar for games changes and developers must meet the needs of their customers.

Consumers are demanding lower and lower fidelity graphics that requires short development time and attainable budgets.  Developers everywhere are bewildered by this unusually reasonable trend.

That's why we're excited to announce a new title capitalizing on this bold new direction.  Introducing... 1BitMMO!


You told us "8BitMMO has too many bits," or at least someone said that, possibly the smelly guy who throws muffins on 3rd avenue.  Anyway, we listened and now we have 87.5% less bits!

1BitMMO is a non-graphical M.U.D., essentially a multiplayer text adventure.  It cost an exhaustive development time of at least forty-five minutes, and is totally not just a stock mud downloaded from an FTP site because it also includes a snazzy 1BitMMO logo when you connect to it.

Said the lead developer, "We spent most of the development budget on a ham and cheese sandwich.  Our investors have confirmed this was a good decision as the sandwich also came with soup, and was only a few days old.  With our remaining $2.74, we hired a toddler to create the detailed artwork -- who later had to back out of the project due to artistic differences and a scheduling conflict with naptime."

1BitMMO launches today, April 1st, and is playable today only on the 8BitMMO website.  (Or you can play normal 8BitMMO by clicking here.)


Make Something Awesome – Contest Results

Thanks to everyone who made entries for the contest!

I have not one, but TWO winners to share with you, along with many other cool entries.

Winner - Obliquely

Obliquely made a two layer maze surrounding a secret fossil inside.  Can you navigate the maze and discover the fossil?  I have linked a telepad to it from Origin (top row of telepads, #5 from left) so you can try navigating it yourself.

Winner - ElDromedario

Check out this archaeological dig site (a popular theme this contest?):

Explore it yourself by taking a telepad from Origin, located south of the Origin start point.

Other Awesome Entries

Corngamer built a self-statue:

Ender made a couple in-game constructions:


Grim made a statue of me:

Nibrudly made some fanfic (which I think Nib is going to upload to the fanfic wiki?)

Obliquely made a number of other entries too, including some mob designs and a tileset for building in-world text:


P_taro made a restaurant:

Pikachu789 made... this?

Zloc6 made a self-sculpture: