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Announcing the new Social Clubs

It was very tough to select a winner, there were many high quality entries.  But after much thought, the winners have been chosen for each server.

On Primary Server, Xerp has won with his entry (shown below).  On Potato Server, Fungdark has won.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered.  I'm very proud to see so many excellent entries -- you guys are skillful builders!  Based on how good these entries are, I'm now planning to do more building contests in future.

Each server has the new area linked via Root, although due to instancing, you may not see the correct link until after you've been outside Root for at least ten minutes.

Primary Servers Social Club by Xerp


Livestream Video for Contest Entries

If you didn't tune in to the livestream yesterday, you may watch the footage from it here:

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Design Root’s Social Club – Win Plat!

 >>> watch link: go here. <<<

With the addition of instancing, Root needs a place where players can gather together to chat & trade.  I'm going to open this up to the community to allow you to design & create Root's new Social Club!


  • The social club is a small area, somewhere between 2x2 regions on the small side, to 3x3 regions on the large size.  2x3 regions is also fine. [a region is a collection of 16x16 tiles, as defined by the loc command. Details]
  • You can create it in your pocket universe, in the wilderness, in a town, or wherever you like
  • If your Social Club is selected, I will be copying your blocks, so you will be free to re-use them later for something else.
  • The Social Club should be self-contained - no links or roads to other locations (other than a space for a telepad to link to Root where players will arrive and leave from (you don't need to purchase the telepad, just leave a space for one)).
  • When copied, the Social Club will appear as a pocket universe with blackness on the edges outside the region boundaries
  • On that note, please design with region boundaries in mind -- ie, don't have a building hanging off the edge of your social club


  • There will be two winners - one for Primary, and one for Potato (different social club for each server!)
  • Each winner will receive a Gold/Plat Pack Token that includes 5,500 gold and 39 platinum (equivalent of the $24.99 pack)
  • On Wednesday afternoon, we'll do a livestream where we check out all the entries, and possibly even announce the winner & install the new social club in Root
  • Contest will run until the start of the livestream on Wednesday afternoon
  • No purchase necessary to enter
  • If an entry has blocks by multiple players, the mayor is the one who will win the prize
  • Enter by posting a comment to this blog post that includes 1) your in-game name, 2) coordinate to teleport to view your entry (get them by typing /loc), 3) Size of your entry (ie, 2x2 regions), 4) Server your entry is on (Primary or Potato)

Tune In to Wednesday's Livesteam

Wednesday's Livesteam (where we review the entries) happens at 2PM Pacific.



Merry Bitmas and to all a good night

merry bitmas by ALinkToTheFuture

Fan art by ALinkToTheFuture


New mods: Meep42 & Sage

Please join me in welcoming Meep42 and Sage to the Community Moderators program.

They've been active for at least the past few months and demonstrated their helpfulness to new players, so I think they'll be great additions!


That’s a lot of gold…



KJH Drawing Livestream – 2PM PST Wed

We will be drawing the winner of the KJH Drawing this Wednesday at 2PM Pacific time -- get the time in your local time zone.

I might also show off the new map if it's far enough along, and perhaps give out some steam beta keys 😉

For a calendar invite:  iCalFacebook event, or Steam event (join group).

 >> Twitch TV Watch Link <<

UPDATE: Stream over!  Thanks for tuning in!  PsychoticSmiley won!  Here is a saved copy of the broadcast:


Amplifier Livestream on Tuesday

Join me at 3:30 Pacific Time (or click for your local time) for a live interview with Amplifier.  I'll show off the game a bit, answer questions, and give away a little bit of free gold :)

UPDATE: link

UPDATE2: All done, thanks for watching! :)

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Funding goal reached!

We've reached our funding goal for the Octoberbit promotion!  Thanks so much to everyone who backed the project :)

Next stop: Mac stretch goal!


Hat Vote!

I've created five new hats! Users who have bought at least the 49.99 tier at the Octoberbit Promotion are now able to vote for which hat they'd like to see be the exclusive 49.99 tier hat. The hat that wins the vote will be granted to backers of the 49.99 tier -- it will never again be offered for sale after the promotion ends.  The other hats will be available in-game later.

Note - if you have kicked in $24.99 previously, you can buy an additional 24.99 to get this tier. Yes, that technically adds up to 49.98, but the system will round up in your favor and let you get the hat :)

To vote on the new hat, go to this page.  Hurry - votes will be tallied on the 15th!