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Patch Notes 1/7

Primary & Potato updated with these changes:

  • New admin commands to create new areas & copy objects from one region to another -- just in time for tomorrow's livestream!
  • Fixed bug where eating when you're a zombie caused a doge to fly out of you.  (< This may be the weirdest bug fix sentence I have ever written).  Thanks for the report Sage.
  • A safe can now only be attempted to be opened one time per second.
  • Fixed issue where Wildepad would sometimes instantaneously kill you for fun.  Thanks for the report Alex.
  • Fixed issue where quest tracking objects were cluttering up regions and throwing off the region count.  Thanks for report Jimmy & Reaver.
  • Server list now orders servers consistently
  • I now have real-time stats graphing at my desk.  Will try to take a pic tomorrow, it's super neat.
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  1. Real time stats? Sounds interesting… I take it that they will be from the time you created the stat sheets so that means everyone will be on a clean slate. I wonder who will be the first to hit a thousand for anything.

  2. Any pictures/videos of that doge bug, please?

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