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Special Halloween Block!

I made a new block today!  Until Halloween, you'll be able to buy a new block in the shop for 50 gold.  The new block is a pumpkin block, which you can light for 10 minutes by pressing E while standing next to it.  Includes realistic candle flicker animation!

Due to shoddy construction and toxic materials used, there is a slight chance something terrible might happen when you light it.  But I am assured by the manufacturer that the majority of consumers do not perish in tragic pumpkin accidents.

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  1. Consider this as a new milestone. This is 8BitMMO’s first holiday event! 😀
    I would have made a Hallowe’en themed construction if I wasn’t so busy with other things…

    P.S. Do the pumpkins disappear from the world after the event?

  2. i placed pumpkins on my castle now i have halloween castle 🙂

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